3 Ways the Cloud can be used to sustain Supergrowth

Oracle’s got your back with our comprehensive, fully integrated cloud solution suite designed specifically for high-growth SMBs.

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If your business is growing faster than expected…congratulations. However, as part of the IT leadership of a high-growth SMB, you are facing challenges that require doing more with less. You need to cost-effectively boost productivity through process automation and better collaboration.

Technology is not neutral. It is an enabler to help companies achieve their business goals. This is as true for large multinationals as it is for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). But for SMBs, growth is a goal, but “supergrowth” is the ultimate prize.

However, obtaining and sustaining a high level of scalable growth is hard. Tech leaders of a growing SMB have one main job and that is to support the growth initiatives of the company and to do so with less. In fact, the entire IT team is tasked with the challenge of supporting exponential growth in a scalable manner with limited headcount and budget. They fully understand the challenges of profitable, scalable growth.

Seamless integration is necessary for SMBs to achieve the value proposition offered by the cloud. When integration is simplified to support the volume and scale of traffic, the IT department can shift its focus from building, fixing, and maintaining to enhancing the value of the data in its custody. The data that is held in your systems become knowledge which in turn becomes a powerful competitive advantage.

You can provide your customers with a great experience when they engage with your brand through a variety of devices. Sales has real-time access to all required customer and product data in order to quote, sell, and close deals. Line-of-business (LOB) managers have the information they need to appropriately evaluate how their departments are operating and to reward the good efforts of employees.


  • BUILD BRIDGES The power of speech should not be underestimated. Your IT team needs to talk to LOB leaders to understand what drives the business. In addition, you need to pass along information about the IT department, so that everyone understands what needs to be done to become a “supergrower.”
  • WORK TOGETHER When you sit down as a team to look at business problems, bring your eye for technology to the table. Do not highlight technology for technology’s sake. Show how technology can improve the business by streamlining a process, cleaning up data, or saving time and money.
  • INTEREST You need to genuinely be interested in your business not just the latest and greatest technology. And this interest needs to come across to everyone in the company. They are (after all) your customers. Remember, it is about the business, not the technology. The technology merely enables and supports the business.
  • BUILD A ROADMAP Use a team approach to design a well-planned IT roadmap. Not only will this let everyone know when certain needs will be addressed with certain solutions, but it will give everyone the opportunity to provide input on the features and functions that are needed to complete job duties.

Your competitors are looking to the cloud in record numbers. But they may not be looking at the “right cloud.” Oracle’s got your back with our comprehensive, fully integrated cloud solution suite designed specifically
for high-growth SMBs. With Oracle, you are not just GOING for GROWTH, you are GOING for “SUPERGROWTH.”

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