3 Ways Cloud Technology can promote SMB Success

3 Ways Cloud Technology can promote SMB Success

The right Cloud technology will let you analyze specific data,map out your business journey accordingly and solve all

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Your business on Cloud technology started with an idea…a good idea. It earned a place in the market, and your business grew and grew. Then things became complicated.

Scalability became an issue. As you grew, you could no longer provide personal attention to each and every one of your customers. If you are like many SMBs, your cost of sales may have even reached 45% of revenue.

Agility became an issue. Customers changed (and will continue to change) direction and competitors appeared (and will continue to appear) out of nowhere. Your company must be in a constant state of “go,” ready to pivot and adapt to a constantly changing marketplace, whether that means quickly moving into new marketplaces, forming
strategic partnerships or developing the next great product.

Innovation became an issue. You need to keep innovating and providing new, value add products (or services) to the market. You cannot sell your one good idea forever. That is a fad, not a business.


The right technology lets you analyze specific data and map out your business journey accordingly. It also provides you with the tools you need to solve complex problems and scale accordingly. Growth almost always amplifies pressures on resources, business processes, and leadership. Therefore, the technology you use and the infrastructure you leverage is one of the most important considerations for your growing business.

The business value of the cloud technology is widely accepted. However, the lack of a clear strategy along with security concerns, investments made in other technologies, and integration issues often prevent SMBs from realizing their full potential. Oracle PaaS solves those problems.


The buzz is getting louder over Platform as a Service. PaaS has evolved into the standard business platform for companies of all sizes, from multinational enterprises to start-ups looking for their first round of funding.With Oracle PaaS, these companies are able to: Simplify, Utilize, Integrate.

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