Extending Global Load Balancing to the Cloud with Secondary DNS

Most organizations have invested in improving the performance and resiliency of their on-premise Global Load Balancing (GLB) capabilities,

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Most organizations have invested in improving the performance and resiliency of their on-premise Global Load Balancing (GLB) capabilities, but very few organizations are able to achieve the level of performance and high availability that a cloud-based anycast DNS network can offer.

The fast-evolving digital landscape is changing the game for all organizations. The way we consume content, conduct research, consume video and music, and drive efficiency in our work environment is raising the bar for digital experience.

Organizations that rely on the internet to reach customers and drive revenue increasingly turn to cloud-based
infrastructure and content delivery networks (CDNs) to achieve the reach and global footprint needed to keep up with customer demands. Delivering these services with high availability and performance across an unpredictable internet over which you have very little visibility and control is a major challenge.

Internet Performance Management (IPM) addresses these new challenges by providing a complete end-to-end view of the internet and the infrastructure locations end users connect with as they interact with brands online. While some organizations have already adopted online strategies that enable them to take advantage of the best cloud providers and CDNs to reach each of their target markets, many others are just starting this process. So how can organizations adapt on-premise global load balancing (GLB) infrastructure for today’s internet challenges?

The most logical first step is adding a cloud-based secondary DNS solution that complements existing GLB. This approach immediately extends global reach, increasing resiliency, and improving end user performance across the globe. This whitepaper explores the benefits many organizations are achieving by combining their existing GLB services with a cloudbased secondary DNS solution.

Enterprises across the globe have begun complementing their existing GLB with a DNS service that operates in an always-on manner and can effectively manage and balance internet traffic through intelligent steering capabilities.

Download whitepaper and learn the keys to:

  • Maintaining availability – through global and regional load balancing
  • Improving digital experience in a hybrid cloud environment
  • Increasing performance and reliability through a secondary DNS solution

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