CIO? Time to be the Hero

CIO? Time to be the Hero

If your organization is going to use mobile messaging well, you need to take an active role. And

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Why it’s CIO who needs to start the text evolution at your enterprise. Mobile messaging could be the start of something big for your enterprise… and it all hinges on you. Here’s why.

Mobile has changed everything – even your job.

It’s been a while since an enterprise’s IT leader could sit quietly in the background, making sure the workstations
and back-office systems run smoothly. These days, you’re right at the forefront, helping colleagues in other
departments connect with customers and employees in new ways. And since pretty much every one of those people
has a mobile device (and checks it all the time), mobile is a big part of that challenge. Right now, across your organization, you can bet colleagues are dreaming up new ways to improve the customer experience, work more efficiently, and sell more stuff… if only they could interact with their audience at just the right time.

As CIO, you have the broad perspective that your colleagues in specific silos do not have. You have the bird’s eye view that can help your enterprise take an intelligent and coordinated approach to mobile engagement.

But you need to start now. Ducking or delaying the issue will reduce the benefit of the change – both the direct operational/cost/satisfaction improvements, and the value of any differentiation you’ll achieve. And it’ll also increase the chance that departments will start without you – swerving IT altogether to source their own solution.

If your organization is going to use mobile messaging well, you need to take an active role. And you need to do it right from the first conversation.

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  • How mobile has changed everything—even your job
  • Why everything starts with a single use case
  • When a mobile message is an Empathetic Interaction
  • How SMS answers some big data security challenges
  • Why you need to be the one to take charge



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