The Guide to Trusted Digital Relationship with CIAM

The Guide to Trusted Digital Relationships with Customer Identity and Access Management

This guide includes a checklist for evaluating CIAM platforms to ensure they are capable of solving your customer-facing

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As digital transformation continues and more and more goods and services are available online, companies are realizing that digital identity is the key to building strong customer digital relationship. Traditional identity and access management platforms were built for internal, employee use; that’s not enough for digital businesses that are looking to deliver secure, personalized experiences, across all digital channels, for millions of customers.

According to 87% of business leaders, digitalization is a top priority. Digital innovation is driving increasing interconnection, giving unprecedented access to capabilities, resources and talent on a global scale. The traditional economic perspective of supply-demand will not be enough to succeed in a digital world. Realizing the value of a great digital business vision requires the hard work of building the right operational, technology and human capabilities.

These new requirements are driving a shift to customer identity and access management (CIAM). CIAM is critical for businesses that want to manage the relationships formed between apps, services, users, devices, and things. Built for flexibility, scale, and the internet of things, CIAM can help you to use identity to engage with your customers on a personal level, offer a seamless, secure experience, and introduce new products and services.

Get this guide to learn how CIAM can help your digital businesses to:

  • Accelerate time-to-market to deliver apps and services ahead of the competition
  • Provide stronger security and improved privacy controls to build user trust and prepare for privacy regulations like the EU’s GDPR
  • Develop a single customer profile for each customer, the foundation for personalization, engagement, and trusted relationships
  • Offer an engaging, omnichannel customer experience
  • Scale from hundreds of millions to billions of identities

This guide also includes a checklist for evaluating CIAM platforms to ensure they are capable of solving your customer-facing needs.

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