5 HR recuriting Secrets

Top 5 Recruiting Secrets of HR Experts

Whether you’re on the cutting edge of technology with a shiny new cloud-based HR system or you’re focused

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As an HR person, you know how important exceptional recruiting is. When it is good, it can make an organization; when it’s bad, it can break it. As the recruiting pro at your employer, you know how easy it is for the process to get out of whack.

It sounds easy:

A job opens up, you write an ad, post it, evaluate a manageable amount of applicants and presto-change-o you have a spot-on new employee.But the reality is a lot more complicated.

  • The open position might need a different skill set than it did before.
  • Job ads need to highlight company culture.
  • There are so many places to post jobs it’s hard to know where your candidates are.
  • It’s time-consuming to post to multiple channels.
  • Too many applications mean entire work weeks dedicated to sorting, reporting and staying compliant with federal guidelines.
  • Too few applicants mean an extended search and possibly poor candidates.
  • Applicant evaluation is tricky when you’re not the direct report.

Recruiting can be simple, efficient and a robust way to build a high-quality workforce. Here are secrets from the trade — five ways to improve your process and get the best team members.

  • Use Social Media to Recruit: When it comes to job recruiting, social media provides tons of opportunities, from attracting applicants to vetting them. But the most important thing to remember is this: Social media is where the audience is. Unless your team members are personally going after ideal candidates, leveraging social media simply must be part of your recruitment strategy.
  • Deploy User-Friendly Tech & Artificial Intelligence in a Human Way. The rise of user-friendly tech in HR is here. From cloud-based software and mobile-friendly applications to artificial intelligence in the workplace. The tech industry is moving into HR in all sectors.
  •  Culture: If You Build a Good One, They Will Come (and Stay): Building a phenomenal company culture is no easy task, but when it comes to recruitment, a great culture and reputation will reap major rewards, starting with your current employees’ happiness. Kind of like the first domino, creating happy employees sets off a chain of other good omens for your organization: higher engagement, more employee referrals, better bottom lines and increased brand awareness.
  • Attract High-Demand Candidates with Nontraditional Benefits: Not every position has a salary budget that will blow candidates’ minds. But happily, salary isn’t the deciding factor for most job seekers. Sure, it’s a perk, but studies show when it comes down to it, pay isn’t even in the top three reasons they’re looking.
  • Put More Focus on the Candidate, Less On Exact Skill Matches: “Hard skills” aren’t the only thing to hire for, and in today’s increasingly tight job market, looking at character traits like attitude, culture fit and leadership skills will get you a wider pool of candidates. Changing up your hiring requirements will also help diversify your workforce, an ongoing trend and necessity.

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