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6 Need-to-Know Talent Management Trends for 2019

While it’s obvious that mobile technology is here to stay, many companies have not yet adjusted their talent

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The workforce is constantly evolving

Wide job distribution and mobile technology in talent management are becoming the norm, which are in turn changing the way the workforce operates. Generation Z is emerging onto the scene and they are changing the way the modern workforce operates in 2019. Managing employee engagement and retention are going to be crucial to your company’s 2019 success. Keeping up with current talent trends will keep you ahead of the competition and in front of your organization’s talent needs.

HR professionals and hiring managers alike are aware that if they post their job ads on more sites, they will likely gain more visibility, but it’s important to note that the days of copying and pasting job ads are over. 2019 is all about working smart instead of only working hard.

Utilize all available tools to maximize the effectiveness of your job distribution and also:

  • Make sure that job ads are mobile-optimized in order to get the maximum number of applicants.
  • For maximum visibility, opt for a job board aggregator to distribute jobs to multiple sites with a single click, saving the hiring team time and money.
  • Make the job ad work for you. Take a look at the quality of the job ad and make adjustments for best results.
  • Going mobile isn’t just for recruiting. Existing employees can also benefit from the real-time information and access to necessary resources.

In order to retain new employees, it’s crucial to start engaging them before they even set foot in a business. Think of ways to make the first day less overwhelming for new hires by streamlining the process.

  • Give the new hire the opportunity to complete paperwork before the first day. Automate this process through a talent management system for easy document retrieval.
  • Create company-wide policies that support a streamlined on-boarding process and make all HR professionals aware of them.
  • Set goals with the new hires to boost productivity and engagement from the first day.

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