Continuous Delivery of Business Value with Fortify

Continuous Delivery of Business Value with Fortify

With the market moving to an agile, continuous delivery model, development and security teams within organizations are scrambling

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Fortify Provides Faster, More Effective Software Security Assurance: In this report, we detail how development organizations at leading companies are using Fortify software security solutions from Fortify to scan more applications faster, focus and streamline remediation efforts with better triaging, and integrate security assurance methods throughout the software development environment.

With the market moving to an agile, continuous delivery model, development and security teams within organizations are scrambling to keep up with the sheer number of applications and releases, which is putting pressure on a key part of the development lifecycle: software security assurance (SSA). Simply put, organizations cannot afford for security testing and remediation to slow the pace of software delivery.

This challenge is complicated by several trends:

  • The proliferation of SaaS and mobile devices, which requires even more testing of
    applications for security flaws.
  • Many enterprises maintain hybrid environments with a mix of legacy and COTS applications
    and varying release cycles, thus increasing the complexity of security programs.
  • Developers increasingly utilize downloaded code from open-source software (OSS) repositories such as Maven and GitHub, many of which are known to contain vulnerabilities.

Today every business is becoming a software business

Even traditional brick-and-mortar industries are facing the necessity of software-driven “digital transformation” to stay relevant and competitive in their markets. Industrial icon GE, for instance, is developing software that harnesses data from sensors inside wind turbines. The design is such that it squeezes more electricity from existing wind farms. Automakers embed tens of millions of lines of code into their increasingly “smart” and “connected” vehicles.

As software becomes core to every business — and as cloud-based software services surge in popularity-companies are developing and updating applications faster than ever before. So, welcome to the new era of continuous software delivery. Also, continuous delivery means development teams are releasing software with new features and functionalities in increasingly shorter cycles. The frequency ranges anywhere from every year or quarter to every month, week, or day.

Continuous delivery of applications has become the new normal for software development organizations across every industry. Software development teams are now expected to deliver new releases and updates at a dizzying pace. This puts tremendous pressure on software security teams to keep up with.

Get this report to know how with Fortify, organizations can scan code, find and fix vulnerabilities in frequent iterations starting early in the lifecycle, and leverage advanced triaging techniques to shrink cycles even further.

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