How To Buy a Mobile Security Solution

How To Buy a Mobile Security Solution

Your existing business goals will drive your mobile security soutions, and make the case for launching the particular

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Why You Need Mobile Security Solution?

In this eBook, you’ll learn what to do before you reach out to vendors, how to test vendors, and how to get your employees to use the solution you choose.Your existing business goals will drive your mobile security decisions, and make the case for launching this program.

They may include:

• Adopting more cloud applications
• Implementing a BYOD program or protecting your existing one
• Protecting brand reputation

Establish your timeline

The question to answer is: When should these solutions be deployed? Then work backwards to determine when each step needs to be complete:

1. Vendor demos
2. Your security team’s technical evaluation of shortlisted solutions
3. Final decision from the buying committee
4. Your IT or Operations teams’ integration of the solution with existing technologies
5. The roll-out together with HR, to ensure product adoption and that privacy concerns are quelled
6. Tracking to determine which employees have or have not enrolled

Document requirements

The requirements your organization will need to meet depends wholly on the industry you service and the kinds of compliance standards you need to maintain. These standards may include PCI, HIPAA, or data transfer/storage
laws in your country. Make sure to assess capabilities beyond security, as the survey results show, ease of deployment and end-user support are among the most important evaluation criteria.

Identify who will buy and manage the solution

You’ll want two teams, that may have overlapping members, as part of the mobile security vetting process. The first team should be the key decision stakeholders, who are likely to be the IT and security leaders up to the CIO and CISO level.

People want to put an ROI to security, and I don’t know that you can. What you should do is forecast the total cost of ownership over the years of the contract. Know what it costs to administer, and how that is going to be impacted by potential changes in your organization.

Cost considerations

Several recent surveys indicate that mobile security is growing as a percentage of the overall security budget.
Another recent survey by the Ponemon Institute indicates that mobile security budgets could be expected to rise 37%1 to in the next year. Regardless of your budget, there will be a variety of factors specific to your organization that will drive the cost of your purchase.

Finally, the bottom line is that, yes, they will need it on their phone. If they want to conduct business on their device, it’s important that they are not an easy target that compromises your overall security posture. Now, become a true expert. Get “The Practical Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security.

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