Top 10 Things to Look for in a Backup Appliance

Top 10 Things to Look for in a Backup Appliance

Look for a solution that enables you to consolidate all of your backup solutions into a single unified

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In today’s era of exponential data growth, backup appliance has become a go-to solution in supporting companywide data management goals. An appliance can reduce IT complexity, shorten backup windows, improve data protection and shrink the storage footprint. The right solution also reduces cost and risk in disaster recovery, regulatory compliance and e-discovery

Even with the emergence of cloud backup options, IT leaders are still turning to backup appliances because they are easy to use and cost-efficient-while giving IT teams greater control over their data. With a modern integrated backup appliance, you can even back up to the leading public cloud services.Given the enormous benefits of backup appliances, it should be no surprise that the market is still going strong. According to one survey, the backup appliance market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 11% through 2021. The reality, however, is that not all backup appliances are created equal. Vendors have taken different approaches to their solutions, and IT decision-makers should be aware of these differences when evaluating them. Here are the top 10 criteria to look for in evaluating a backup appliance solution and vendor.

Top 3 Things to Look for in a Backup Appliance

The right backup appliance should be extremely easy to install, deploy, manage and scale. It should have everything pre-installed, including the hardware, operating software and backup software.

An integrated system is much simpler to deploy and scale. In today’s environment, target systems make little sense. They are complex to manage, and if there is a problem, you are dealing with multiple vendors. If ease of use is a critical factor in deploying a backup appliance, why choose a solution that adds complexity?

One of the biggest challenges facing many organizations is too many silos of information, which makes it difficult to effectively
leverage data across the enterprise. Look for a solution that enables you to consolidate all of your backup solutions into a single unified data protection platform-including separate physical or virtual data protection platform.

These are challenging times for IT departments. With digital transformation, big data analytics and other modern initiatives, IT must be focused on adding value to their organizations. While backup, protection and recovery represent vital areas for the company, IT teams can be far more strategic when they simplify the deployment and management of infrastructure for these functions.

IT gets the best of both worlds: a solution that delivers on all of the key capabilities discussed in this paper, and a vendor that is a longtime leader in data management with a clearly articulated vision for the future. Get the full report today.

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