Empathetic Moments The Customer Communications Challenge

Empathetic Moments: The Customer Communications Challenge

SMS messaging is an awesome way to connect with customers for real-time, responsive engagement. But knowing the precise

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Let’s start with a tough question. Why, in an age when the rewards for great Empathetic Moments – customer experience are so high, are the majority of customer interactions driven by the brand’s agenda, not the customer’s? If your brand values say you’re customer focused, customer-centric, or obsessed with customer satisfaction, surely this should be the other way around. But no.

Want to know when your package is coming? Log in to our website. Want to confirm your credit card details? You’ll
have to speak to our call center. When it opens. Want to know about our latest offers just for you? They’re in your emails. Somewhere. Why are brands getting it wrong? Maybe there are some that genuinely don’t care about their
customers. But we’ll bet they won’t be in business much longer. For everyone else, it’s not that you don’t care
about your customers. It’s just that a lot of the time, traditional customer communication methods simply can’t deliver a great customer experience.

SMS messaging is an awesome way to connect with customers for real-time, responsive engagement. But knowing the precise places in your business where text can make a real difference can be tricky.

In this workbook, we take you through seven different Empathetic Moments – times and places where text messaging lets you connect with customers more effectively than any other channel – and give you a ton of examples of how you can do it.

In this workbook, you’ll find out:

  • Why SMS messaging tops email and voice when it comes to connecting with customers at precisely the right time;
  • The seven kinds of Empathetic Moment where text messaging can make the difference to your customers and their experience with your business;
  • And how to identify those moments in your own business so you can start taking advantage of the opportunities SMS offers.

Thinking in the box. The speed, scale and responsiveness of text means it can cut through where other channels can’t. Here’s some space to brainstorm: think of a moment in your customer journey where you’d love to be able to engage with your customer but you currently can’t.

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