Green Office Guide

Green Office Guide

While playing a part in reducing climate change is important, taking steps towards a green office also has

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Climate change affects every single one of us. We all have to do our part to try to make our businesses more sustainable. But while playing a part in reducing climate change is important, taking steps towards a green office also has direct and tangible benefits for your business, and your bottom line.

Adopting sustainable practices can significantly improve your business’s reputation, and inspire trust and loyalty in your customers.

It’s not that easy being green. Becoming a truly green office requires company-wide buy-in and cultural change, which takes concerted time and effort to cultivate. There are, however, some steps that can be taken which require little effort and minimal change in behaviour and procedures, while still having measurable benefits on your sustainability KPIs. And once you start hitting those KPIs, getting people on board for other, more difficult measures later on will be a piece of cake.

Benefits of Green Office

  1. Cost Reduction
  2. Customer Satisfaction
  3. More engagement
  4. Productivity

Establishing a green team to drive initiatives forward will provide you with vital support. Green champions or green teams will be invaluable in spearheading a resource efficiency campaign and ensuring that procedures are being followed in relation to aspects such as waste segregation.

When setting up a green team, aim to capture a cross section of employees in the organisation who work at various levels and in various departments to act as green champions. Here are some great ways to get some quick sustainability wins, and take some broad steps towards becoming a green office.

To make this guide easier to navigate, we’ve broken down our tips into three categories: printers, photocopiers and other devices; paper and consumables; and office environment.

Download the guide on Green offices and make your contribution for a sustainable future in addition to profits to the bottom-line of your business.

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