A Modern Approach to Note Taking

A Modern Approach to Note Taking

Discover how modern techniques encourage seamless note taking and sharing with a natural approach to the digital medium...

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Tips for Note taking

Our note taking skills are the gatekeepers to discovery. From alternating current to the lithium battery, the flick of a pen is often the first stage of every great idea, but how many other great discoveries and connections have we missed, simply because we didn’t write something down? The scribbles and scrawls we use to remind ourselves to grab milk on the way home are the same curious sketches that once held the secrets to gravity.

Whether written in quick scratches in the margins or meticulous, intentional outlines, we each have a very specific method (or lack thereof) to how we create and maintain our memos. The human brain is a finicky, temperamental secretary that cannot be trusted. No matter how sharp we think we are, we’ve all forgotten great ideas. After the umpteenth betrayal from our cerebral cortex, we eventually learn to write things down.

Where Will Your Notes Take You?

While research disproves using our notes like an inverted Rorschach test to analyze our personalities,8 that certainly doesn’t make them any less personal. Notes are more than just dictations and doodles; they are the natural first step in execution, the initial spark of innovation. Our fondness for pen on paper isn’t just nostalgia in action, it’s our brains demanding to be engaged.

Modern note taking harnesses that cognitive process to drive creativity and retention during meetings and conversations, rather than letting the creative process disconnect. By changing how we take, organize, share, and visualize our notes we change the way our organizations and schedules operate. From the aspiring entrepreneur to the chief financial officer, the reclaiming value of modern note-taking unleashes the potential to revolutionize careers, companies, and even entire industries.

At the core of modern note taking is a marriage of art and science that simplifies our ever-growing daily grind through ease and accessibility. By replacing the bulk of a keyboard with the mobility of a ballpoint pen, we are free to live, work, and create where ever we see fit. Break away from the desk and chase inspiration in the world around you.

In The innovator’s guide to modern note taking, discover how modern techniques encourage seamless note taking and sharing with a natural approach to the digital medium.

In this eBook, readers learn how:

  • Doodling can actually improve productivity
  • To stop feeding the stress monster
  • Typing less helps you retain more
  • Sharing notes via the cloud can lead to innovative breakthroughs

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