Cisco’s Digital Marketing Transformation

Cisco’s Digital Marketing Transformation

Cisco’s Digital Marketing Transformation from a hardware provider to a software and services business, requires a different approach...

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Cisco’s marketing team has invested massively in technology over the past two years. This $50 million investment in software has put Cisco at the leading edge of B2B technology marketing. 40 new applications have been put in place, creating one of the most sophisticated marketing technology stacks in the industry, resembling the more consumer oriented Amazon, Google, and Facebook. This investment has earned Cisco’s marketing team plaudits and several industry awards.

This is how Cisco Conceptualizes its marketing technology:


Why the transformation? CMO Karen Walker cites three primary drivers: “First, Cisco is transitioning from a hardware provider to a software and services business, which requires a different approach. Second, a lot of research shows that business buyers are acting much more like consumers, which forces us to embrace technology. And third, marketing technology has truly arrived. I always say marketing was the last function to be industrialized and the first function to be digitized.”

VP of digital marketing Joseph Puthussery elaborates on the fundamental business problems Cisco marketing is solving with technology: “Marketing has been a creative, artistic piece of business. But I always wanted marketing to have the high level of accountability and the close relationship with customers that sales had. For that to happen, we needed to turn marketing into a rational science. Marketing is expensive, so it’s imperative that we know which content and activities are performing well and which are not.”

On top of that, Cisco can readily see that the way that business buyers are behaving increasingly resembles that of consumers. As Puthussery remarks, “We’ve recognized that customers now spend as much time with marketing’s digital assets as they do with our salespeople. Digital marketing has increasingly favorable attention economics, but it’s our responsibility to better understand and orchestrate the customer’s journey. If we can understand what’s going on digitally, marketing and sales will together be able to increase mindshare, increase sales, and drive better outcomes for customers.”

Domo’s role

Domo has emerged as one of Cisco’s nine core marketing platforms and has played a substantial role in the company’s digital marketing transformation. It is the visual layer tying all systems together, giving 1,200+ Cisco marketers a single place to view, collaborate, and make decisions based on their data. Virtually all of Cisco’s marketing systems feed into Domo, plus dozens of external cloud services. All told, Domo handles over 500 million rows of data for Cisco.

What’s next for Cisco?

Cisco’s world-class marketing function continues to evolve to better serve customers. The impressive work of the last two years is only the beginning. CMO Karen Walker remarks, “I feel that we’ve built a Ferrari, and that the next step is to continue to learn how to drive it. We’ll continue to invest, and I’m particularly excited about incorporating more machine learning and identifying the right balance of computer versus human-orchestrated customer experiences.”

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