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Conquer the Content Deluge

To create truly engaging customer experiences, you need to connect your content across the entire asset lifecycle. An

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Upgrade your Content DAM system

It feels like trying to hold back the tide, to deliver even more memorable digital experiences is overwhelming. Marketers and IT feel it daily, even as budgets remain tight. And also, the demand for new content grows exponentially. An outdated DAM (digital asset management) system becomes a snag in the flow of your digital marketing efforts.

Therefore, to stay afloat you need a DAM solution that lets you automate media more efficiently. An intelligent DAM system creates secure workflows between your teams and partners. It streamlines the creation, management, delivery and optimization of massive volumes of media. Marketers and IT can organize, adapt and securely distribute rich media and experiences across channels. Consumer behavioral data and artificial intelligence then guide what content is surfaced, speeding the delivery of truly personalized content.

This is truly working smarter, not harder. With your DAM teams working productively, you can boost the return on your content investments.

Enhance your workflows

When you’re working with multiple teams on dozens of deliverables, you’ve got to have workflows that streamline the process. A next-generation DAM system offers project dashboards and customizable templates. With this feature you can quickly start and monitor projects all the way to delivery. Roles and teams can be assigned to meet your organization’s unique structure. As you review assets, an easy drag-and-drop interface allows you to attach automatic processing. As a result it greatly accelerates, what used to be a labor-heavy process. Instant notifications keep team members on task and more projects flowing to delivery.

Expedite assets through automation

The efficiencies of having a secure repository and metadata management service for all your content makes it easier to use. An intelligent DAM system automates the process of populating metadata. Rather than having to manually add campaign-specific metadata to each asset, you just enter the metadata once. As a result, the DAM system automatically populates that data across all appropriate assets.

Build a surge of support for your DAM system

Hence, to create truly engaging customer experiences, you need to connect your content across the entire asset lifecycle. An intelligent DAM delivers the tools to streamline content creation, simplify workflows, reduce errors, and secure the entire process. As a result you can finally conquer the content deluge.

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