TThe Social Customer Service Playbook

The Social Customer Service Playbook

Imagine you purchased a product from a brand online, only to receive the wrong product from the shipping

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The customer experience is everyone’s business.

Imagine you purchased a product from a brand online, only to receive the wrong product from the shipping carrier. You take to social to resolve the issue. Not only do you expect a response, but you expect a personalized response unique to your situation. One-on-one human contact with a real person who actually talks to you without a script. Where once a scripted reply would have been accepted, today, customers have graduated from seeking support from brands on social to seeking personalized real-time support from brands on social.

One way to achieve this level of customer experience without compromising quality is through operational scale.

Your customers are getting closer and closer to you through social channels. Rising to meet these new standards is likely to be a challenge and dramatically raises urgency for your business. It’s undoubtedly an entirely new level of extreme expectations.

Is your business prepared to provide that kind of connection through your customer service team, community, or even your social marketing efforts? How will you do it?

Here is the good news: you are in the right place.  We’ve developed this guide to help you succeed.

 You will learn, how to:

  • Welcome to Today’s Social Customer Service
  • Harness the Power of Customer Experience
  • Don’t Let These Myths Trip You Up
  • Defining Success: Measuring Agent Efficiency & Customer Experience

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