SMS to Delight Customer at Scale

The Empathetic Interaction™ EBook

To find out where to start, what to prioritize, and how to manage your venture into text messaging,

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SMS messaging a new opportunity to delight customer at Scale

The world’s most customer-obsessed brands are using A2P SMS messaging right now to connect with customers at exact moments in precise places – something that’s impossible with email and voice. Introducing the Empathetic Interaction and its ability to surprise and delight customers with information, alerts, experiences and engagements – exactly when it counts.

This e-Book contains:

  • Text represents such a massive business opportunity
  • Email and voice are frustrating customers who need to connect in real time (like now)
  • SMS is changing the customer experience game and separating the best from the rest
  • Customer-obsessed brands are using SMS to get big wins

The Empathetic Interaction

SMS gives companies countless invisible opportunities to surprise and impress customers in precise moments and in exact places by giving them information, alerts, experiences and engagements that they will be thankful for.
This is what we mean by the Empathetic Interaction. But to deliver them you need more than a customer’s phone number. You have to use what you know about the individual and the situation they’re in – then anticipate what might
make them happy at precise moments.

what tour operator Club Mahindra did?

All you need is an intelligent mobile messaging system linked to your customer ops tech stack. A good imagination comes in pretty handy too. You might even find situations where your customers’ needs and yours can be met in
a single moment. That’s exactly what tour operator Club Mahindra did.

Choosing the right partner is essential. If that partner has market-leading expertise, consultants, applications and APIs, getting a text messaging system up and running – then delivering Empathetic Interactions to millions of customers – can be easier than you would imagine. To find out where to start, what to prioritize, and how to manage your venture into text messaging, read our ebook.

This eBook explains the reasons behind the stratospheric rise of A2P texting – and how the world’s most
customer-obsessed enterprises use texts in ways we’re pretty sure you could never imagine. Finally, we
explain how your business can use an automated, intelligent text-messaging system to facilitate Empathetic
Interactions that blow the minds of your customers – while growing revenues and saving serious money.

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