Guide to Rethinking your IT Security

By rethinking your approach to IT security, you can answer this modern security challenge. Transforming your security starts

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Roadmap for building strong IT security

Digital transformation represents a massive opportunity for your business. But with this opportunity comes IT Security risk, and a steep challenge to protect the rising number of interactions between your users, your applications, and your data. We can also see how technology is transforming more mature, traditional businesses. Manufacturing companies, for instance, are finding it imperative to embrace software as a means to make operations more efficient and productive.

Five Areas for Rethinking IT Security

  • Changing the model for security Using bolt-on point solutions, standalone boxes, or software products, traditional IT security systems are complex and poorly coordinated. What’s needed is a holistic, architected model that delivers security simply and effectively.
  • Implementing a ubiquitous software layer With a ubiquitous software layer across application infrastructure and endpoints, it’s possible to abstract infrastructure from the applications running on top of it. As a result, you can apply security effectively and easily throughout the data center.
  • Providing maximum visibility and context By abstracting the infrastructure from your applications, you get visibility into application data flows and full end-to-end context for interactions between users, applications, and data.
  • Aligning security controls and policies to your applications With the benefits of maximum visibility and context, you can begin to align your security controls and policies to the applications you’re trying to protect.
  • Inserting additional third-party security services By aligning security controls and policies to your applications, you can then start to insert additional third-party security services for additional layers of intelligent protection.

Sizing up the Security Challenge
Accompanying this rising tide of digital transformation is the colossal and continuing growth in the number of end users with digital devices, as well as in the volume of applications and data that must be managed. It’s a phenomenon that’s generated a perfect storm of security threats for IT organizations.

Data centers that were once safely on-premises have evolved into a highly dynamic public and private multicloud environment. And users that once worked from corporate desktops are constantly on the move outside the workplace, expecting to access corporate networks from their own devices and even through the Internet of Things (IoT).You need the means to better “compartmentalize” your sensitive assets, to better align security controls around these assets, and to gain more visibility and control to help you detect and respond to threats.

By rethinking your approach to IT security, you can answer this modern security challenge. Transforming your security starts by establishing a ubiquitous software layer across your application infrastructure and endpoints. With this software layer in place, you’ll gain deep visibility into these interactions you want to protect, and the context to understand what they mean.

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