Three key steps to Transforming IT Security

Protecting an organization with a robust, compliant security solution isn’t easy when the infrastructure and its users are

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As people, devices, and objects become more connected, protecting all these connections and environments has become more critical than ever. In a recent survey of IT Security priorities, 69 percent of respondents told Tech Pro Research that improving security represented their top IT initiative for 2017.

In the same survey, respondents also said would be their biggest IT challenge in the year ahead. That’s because IT organizations need to secure each and every interaction between users, applications, and data however and wherever they are connecting. And they need to do it in an environment that is constantly changing, and increasingly dynamic.

Evolving Risks in a Dynamic Threat Landscape

Every business has become a digital business a transformation that’s given rise to significant changes on the IT landscape, and consequently new challenges for IT security. Start with the evolution of application infrastructures, which have transitioned from on-premises data centers that run physical infrastructure to highly dynamic environments that reside on public and private clouds. And consider how applications themselves are changing.

Three Areas of Focus for Effective IT Security
Protecting an organization with a robust, compliant security solution isn’t easy when the infrastructure and its users are rapidly changing. The old ground rules of network simply don’t apply anymore, and IT teams need to keep pace with:

  • Changing infrastructures. The infrastructure used to run applications like web and database servers is evolving from on-premises environments to support cloud and distributed apps.
  • Increasing mobility : IT needs to expand its security policies to support a flood of new devices and models.
  • Escalating compliance : The regulatory compliance environment has become increasingly complex as            organizations face new requirements.

Deliver Visibility and Context to Transform Security
In order to stay a step of ahead of your changing needs, you need deep visibility into every interaction between users and applications. You also need a solution that provides context to understand what those interactions mean. Combined, greater visibility and context can help you align your controls and policies to the applications you are expected to protect.

Security for a Changing Landscape and Needs
Robust security has always been essential for business networks, and as the pace of change accelerates, it’s more necessary than ever. As traditional infrastructure, applications, and workforce models evolve, your IT team is under increasing pressure to protect the business from emerging new threat.

A ubiquitous software layer across application infrastructure and endpoints can help you transform your security. It lets you maximize visibility and context of the interaction between your users and applications, so you can align controls and policies to the applications you are protecting. And it makes it easy to complement your solution with third-party services for additional intelligent protection.

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