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As technology continues to advance, so do security threats. Modern-day attacks are not only smart and sophisticated, they’re

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Data Center Security Threats Are Evolving Fast

As technology continues to advance, so do Security threats. Modern-day attacks are not only smart and sophisticated, they’re also able to breach the perimeter firewalls that traditional data centers rely on. As a result, organizations of all sizes are racing to protect sensitive information that affects both users and the business. And the expenses are adding up.The high cost of cybercrime includes data center outages, security breaches, and reputation damage.

To protect against these fast-evolving threats, organizations need to secure their application infrastructure. A secure application infrastructure has three main components:

  • Virtualization: Virtualization enables full visibility into the data path, and the context needed to understand applications and the way they interact with infrastructure.
  • Micro-segmentation: Granular application-aligned security policy. The creation and automation of granular security policies that follow applications and workloads across public and private clouds.
  • Encryption: Hypervisor-based infrastructure protection. Workload-level encryption on individual hypervisor hosts reduces the risk of compromised networking components.

Perimeter firewalls provide only one layer of threat protection. Micro-segmentation protects the data center from the inside out. It provides distributed firewalling that secures all workloads and east-west traffic across the data center without the use of additional physical firewall appliances. That means individual workloads and applications are safe, no matter where they are in the data center.

Secure Your Application Infrastructure to Move Your Business Forward

The digital economy is moving fast, but with the right tools, you can keep up with, and even outpace, your competitors. NSX provides the security and agility you need to enable a more efficient network, freeing up IT to do what it does best: innovate. By stopping the lateral spread of threats in the data center, securing end users, and enabling DMZ anywhere, NSX enhances your existing virtualization efforts for a complete solution to today’s security challenges.

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