Simple Steps to a Secure Website

Simple Steps to a Secure Website

Your website has huge potential to help your business grow. It also has huge potential to damage your

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Your website has huge potential to help your business grow. It also has huge potential to damage your business. We’re not here to scaremonger with big statistics and techno-jargon but understanding the risks is as important as
appreciating the opportunities. And that starts with understanding what your customers are doing on your site:

4 Buy something As fewer shop in stores, online retail is set to account for 21.5 percent of total retail sales by 2018 from 12.7 percent today, the highest online retail share in the world. Online shopping is a vital part of the economy, but shoppers are increasingly wary. They want proof that you’re doing all you can to protect their data before they part with their card details.

4 Read your blog Nearly half of customers read reviews and blogs before purchasing online, according to ecommerce software specialists, Selz. In fact, 13 percent said that a blog post had inspired a purchase. Increasing visitors to your blog means more than quality content: you need a secure site that doesn’t put readers at risk of malicious software and stays in Google’s good books.

4 Fill in their details on a landing page Inbound marketing costs 61 percent less per lead than traditional techniques. Not only that, but marketers who have implemented inbound marketing strategies achieve almost double the conversion rate of non-inbound marketers, from 6 to 12 percent. You definitely don’t want to put people off sharing their contact details with you on a landing page
because they don’t trust your site.

4 Complete another sort of transaction, for example, booking appointments People have become accustomed to efficient, easy-to-access, 24/7 shopping thanks to sites like Amazon and your visitors now expect that same online convenience for other interactions. When your website visitors can book an appointment or complete another sort of non-financial transaction online it allows them to interact with you on their own terms and it keeps your doors open for business.

Malware will detect and manipulate any weakness in your website security, leaving the data of your users exposed. Such a breach could be detrimental to the reputation of your company, which is why investing in the proper protection and maintaining a secure website is vital for any business that values their online presence.  Get a head start this year with recommendations for a healthy website in 2016. Download the full guide here.

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