Transforming Security in the Mobile Cloud Era

Transforming Security in the Mobile Cloud Era

By virtualizing the network, enterprises can transform security to protect their customers, their data, and themselves.

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A Better Approach to Security

In the age of digital transformation, maintaining secure interactions among users, applications, and data is more complex than ever. Amid the rapid growth of hectic and complex digital environments, the tools IT has used in the past simply aren’t sufficient to keep everything safe.

Security threats are also on the rise, and are becoming more sophisticated. Perimeter firewalls, the security standard for traditional infrastructure, can no longer keep them at bay. Disguised as legitimate traffic, malware can slip past perimeter firewalls undetected and spread faster than IT teams can stop it. The result: Organizations are investing time and money in a losing battle.

Staying in Compliance is Key
Not only have applications, infrastructure, and security attacks changed but the burden of compliance is also growing. As attacks become more frequent, regulatory bodies are enforcing existing rules, and creating new ones. Organizations are doing their best to protect sensitive data and stay in compliance, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up.

Security Breaches Exact a Steep Toll
From combatting emerging threats to staying in compliance, it’s no wonder that organizations today are spending more than ever to keep their data centers safe.

But it appears to be a losing battle, as security losses are outpacing security spend. A recent study reveals that cybercrime represents the fastest-growing cause of data center outages, rising from 2% in 2010 to 22% in 2016.1 In the digital era, that price tag isn’t sustainable.

It takes resources that could be better spent elsewhere, and drains away profit. And budgets are only one part of the problem. Organizations are facing stiff competition, and a loss of reputation or user trust that often comes with a breach could set them back permanently.

Even if confidence can be salvaged, the loss of time and money spent dealing with the threat can put growth and innovation efforts on the back burner. Simply spending more money on security isn’t enough to solve the problem. There needs to be a total transformation in the way organizations approach and deliver security

With a virtualized network, IT can:

  • Abstract infrastructure from the applications running on top of it, for full visibility and context into the environment.
  • Enable micro-segmentation to protect individual workloads, no matter where they are in the data center.
  • Encrypt data at rest for an additional layer of security, offering protection even if it falls into the wrong hands.
  • Leverage micro-segmentation to extend security beyond VDI and mobile endpoints.

Securing interactions among users, applications, and data is a challenge but with the right tools, it’s not impossible. By virtualizing the network and enabling automation and micro-segmentation, enterprises can transform security to protect their customers, their data, and themselves.

Modern IT professionals use VMware solutions to gain deep visibility into the interactions between users and applications, and the context to understand what it means. With VMware, IT teams can stop spending the majority of their time on compliance efforts and focus on what drives real value instead.

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