VMware Storage vSAN 6.6 CHEAT SHEET

vSAN 6.6 Cheat Sheet

Managing and backing up data in a large business unit is a difficult task. Storage isn’t a basic

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Storage isn’t a basic business necessity anymore. Done right, it can give businesses a competitive edge. Virtualization across the data center can provide spectacular savings on floor space, power, cooling costs, as well as utilization of existing assets across network, storage devices, and servers. While the financial benefits alone are compelling, the largest gains can be obtained by reducing complexity and streamlining the speed at which IT accelerates the business. These benefits cannot be maximized with server virtualization alone.


  • The industry-leading software powering hyper-converged infrastructure.
  • A core building block for a fully software-defined data center.
  • Adopted by over 7,000 customer across all industry verticals.
  • Deployed for mission-critical applications by over 60% of vSAN customers.
  • Recently won 3 ‘Product of the Year’ industry awards.

The power of virtualization thus becomes multiplied as integration with compute, storage, network, management and security technologies create a synergistic approach. The opportunity is to expand from islands of virtualization with virtualized servers for some applications and virtualized storage for others to a more coordinated virtualization strategy. This is where servers, storage and network strategies are combined.

Instead of building separate infrastructures according to the needs of individual applications, data center virtualization lets you build a dynamic platform of infrastructure that supports all (or most) apps. Abstracting applications from physical resources gives you management capabilities that you can’t get from hardware.

The result is a platform that will support many if not most IT applications. The availability, performance, and security are provided by the platform, which reduce the need to build those services into each individual application. The resulting common shared infrastructure is much more flexible and agile. A virtualized data center takes a holistic approach to the management of server, storage and network processes.

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